Wednesday, May 27, 2009


THE STORY: One of several bridges in Oklahoma possessing very similar haunting stories, this Crybaby Bridge is located in Alderson, Oklahoma. The population of Alderson was 261 during the 2000 census. Locals have told the story of hearing a baby's cry from beneath what once was a single lane ironwork bridge late at night and even some sightings of what appears to be a faintly glowing image of a woman hovering just above the rocky floor of the creek. A variation of the story maintains that in the late 1940's a backwoods man raped his daughter several times and instead of keeping the babies she threw them over the bridge into the North Boggy Creek. Legend Has it that if you go to this bridge and stand at the edge of it you can hear the babies crying. DOCUMENTATION: Anecdotal. There are numerous instances of this urban legend which may be found in multiple locations across North America:


  1. Here's a pic of crybaby bridge in Alderson taken on 1-17-2015

  2. What about the Canadian cemetery? There is rumored to be a baby cradle will appear out of no where at night. It will rock back and forth.

  3. I spoke with the actual property owner and this is what he told me :"Cry Baby Bridge" on Alderson Rd. at Peaceable Creek, used to be called "Cry Baby Crossing".
    It was built as an Indian Territory Bridge for farmers to bring their commodities to R.R. line or into nearby towns.It was built in about 1880-1890.Prior to the bridge being built a young couple with a baby were trying to cross the creek while it was in flood stage. The young husband and father forgot to tie down the bed to the wagon and it started to float away. The man tried
    in vain to get the bed to shore but it floated downstream and overturned drowning both the mother and the baby. It's still a sad story but certainly better than the one about incest. The owner has lived there for his entire life and knows the local history well. I have no reason to doubt him.

  4. My grandma said she used to swim there and so what had happened was a young couple got into a fight and she drove off with the baby and they got into a crash she tried to save the baby but couldn't reach her and there are still cars at the bottom of it and its not call Alderson its Dow get it fuckin right or don't say it at all I live near it and i come down to pitsburg all the time

    1. The story was told to me by the PROPERTY OWNER of the old bridge. And it IS on ALDERSON ROAD.I would advise that in the future you watch your 'tone' when addressing me in the future. And please .... work on your grammer DEAR ;)

    2. It's not Dow lake , it is in Alderson it is North Boggy Creek, it was a bridge used for the Indians to cross to get to Alderson to the railroad it was also a word used for the farmers to travel to get to their crops it was a public Bridge and it wasn't no incest story it was a couple and the mother and baby died I've been there thousands of times I live about 7 minutes from that place my aunt lives right across the tracks from it, so yes you do need to watch your tone you address people and you do need to learn your grammar and maybe you should learn your history there is a place in town that is similar.