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It is difficult to discern between urban myth and genuine paranormal experiences. Documentation is key. There is no scientific evidence that proves that ghosts exist. Most "evidence" is anecdotal or "eye-witness" accounts that cannot be proved or disproved. In The Demon Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Darkness by the late Dr. Carl Sagan, the author illuminates the human tendency to self-deception (even among psychotherapists and other medical professionals) that leads humans to believe in the unproven. And although encounters with ghosts do not hold up to scrutiny, we seem to embrace our local folklore. Stories of hauntings abound, resurgent with the release of movies or television shows onthe subject.

Despite the recurring specials on The Sci-Fi Channel, Discovery, The Learning Channel, The History Channel, or the major networks the evidence remains subjective. Urban myths, folklore, and legends are based on a long oral tradition of passing down stories from one generation to another. The process of creating new urban legends has only been sped up with the advent of the internet. Tracking down the origins of these tales is a daunting task. While stories about first hand accounts abound, it generally proves very difficult to locate actual witnesses. There are a great many haunted locations reported in Oklahoma. At least some of the hauntings appear to be local variations of urban legends heard across the nation. As an example, note the number of Crybaby Bridge locations throughout Oklahoma.

Real or fictional. We certainly love our ghosts and haunted houses! Many of us are to be drawn to visit these locations. Businesses benefit from tourists who visit in hopes of experiencing even a glimpse of spirit activity. Bed and breakfast locations are often visited by people only because they are reported to be haunted! Very few of these haunted locations have been the subject of serious investigation. Paranormal investigators, often believers in the paranormal, often lack objectivity in their efforts to prove the reality of paranormal events. Nevertheless, it is doubtful the results of a paranormal investigation, whether confirming or negating local legends, would change the attitude of a community to their beloved haunted location! These urban legends flavor the local character of the area whether they are true or not. Stories about some of the haunted locations have changed over time. Some stories have been repeated, transplanted and grafted into the folklore of other lands and other townships.

This is a working document. Changes and updates have been made to information about these haunted locations, some of which have also been discussed at other internet locations. You are invited to contact me, or to leave comments with any addition information or documentation regarding these places.

Ada - Kalihoma Indian Reservation
Ada - Kullihoma
Alva - Cherokee Strip Museum
Ada - Petrified Tree

Anadarko - Jeremiah's Bridge
Alderson - Crybaby Bridge
Anadarko - Riverside Indian School
Ardmore - Lake Murray
Ardmore - Mr. Apples cemetery
Avard - Vina Rae's Grill & Graze
Bartlesville - Haunted Hill
Bartlesville - Jessie Creek Cemetery
Bartlesville - Labady Mansion
Binger - Binger School
Blackwell - Hollopeter
Braggs - Old School House
Broken Arrow - The Devil House
Broken Arrow - Floral Haven Graveyard
Broken Arrow - North Intermediate High School
Broken Bow - Broken Bow Library/Old High School
Buffalo - Duckwalls
Byng - Byng High School
Byng - Byng High School Auditorium
Byng - Byng High School
Calera - Calera High School
Comanche - Black Panther Bridge
Catoosa - Cherokee Elementary
Catoosa - Timberidge Cemetery
Catoosa /Tulsa- Redbud Valley
Choctaw - Choctaw Jr high
Choctaw - library
Claremore - Rogers state college
Clayton - Light House Church
Clinton - old insane asylum
Calera - Calera High School
Concho - Indian reservation elementary school
Cookson - Cookson Church
Coweta - Coweta High School
Coweta - Old Indian Cemetery
Crescent - Indian Springs
Comanche - Tucker Cemetery
Cyril - Butler House
Cyril - Cyril high school
Duncan - Duncan high school
Durant - Fort Washita
Durant - Southeastern Oklahoma State University - Morrison Building
Durant - Southeastern Oklahoma State University - Shear Hall
Edmond - Central Middle School
El Reno - Dead Mans Curb
El Reno - Route 66 to Weatherford
Elk City - Ramada - Room 110
Enid - Briggs Auditorium
Enid - Clay Hall at Phillips University
Enid - Earl Butts Dormitory
Enid - Longfellow Jr high school
Enid - Imo Cemetery
Fort Gibson - The Historical McBride House
Fort Gibson - The Old Fort
Fort Sill - Geronimo Acres Housing
Fort Supply - Western State/WKCC
Fort Washita - Near the old stables and the old barracks
Grace Mont - screaming woman woods
Guthrie - Territorial Governor's Mansion
Hammon - Kiowa Cemetery
Harrah - Harrah bridge
Harrah - Harrah High School
Helena - Sturgeon's corner
Hobart - Short Grass Playhouse/ Fire Dept
Hontubby - Crybaby Bridge - South of Heavener
Idabel - Choctaw Nation Head start
Idabel - Kulli Tukilo Methodist church
Idabel - McDonald'sInola - Public Library
Jefferson City - Jefferson ParkJoy - Joy School
Kelleyville - The real "Cry Baby Bridge"
Kendrick - Kendrick Road
Keys - Keys Elementary School
Reading - St. Ignatuis
Konawa - Sacred Heart Cemetery
Kosoma - Loss Mountain
Lawton - Fort Sill
Lawton - Jed Johnson's Lake
Lawton - Wilson Elementary school
Lone wolf - SOAARRMacomb - Yellow Ranch House
Meridian - Tucker Cemetery
Midwest City - Midwest City High School Performing Arts Center
Midwest city - Rose State College - Student Union
Millerton(West of Idabel) - Wheelock Mission
Moore - Crybaby Bridge (east of Sooner Road)
Moore - Old High SchoolMuskogee - Bacone College
Muskogee - Boulevard AveMuskogee - East Side Boulevard
Muskogee - Thomas-Foreman Historical Home
Noble - East Walnut Rd
Ochelata - Grave
Oklahoma City - Buy For Less grocery store
Oklahoma City - County Line Barbeque Restaurant
Oklahoma City - Kitchen Lake Bridge
Oklahoma City - former theatre (Name unknown)
Oklahoma City - Moore - Berg Anatomy
Oklahoma City - Mount Saint Mary High School
Oklahoma City - Murah BuildingOklahoma City - Scurvin Hotel
Oklahoma City - Young America CorporationOklahoma City - Zoo
Okmulgee - Warehouse Market
Owasso - 7th Grade Band Building
Pawhuska - Constantine TheaterP
Pawhuska - Bird Creek School
Pawhuska - Green Eyes
Pawhuska - Lookout Mountain
Pawhuska - Pizza HutPawnee - Pawnee Bill Ranch Mansion
Pawnee - Pawnee Bill's Ranch
Pawnee - Pawnee Tribe Of Oklahoma
Ponca City - Poncan Theatre
Poteau - Carl Albert State College
Pottawattomie - Sacred Heart Cemetery
Prattville (near Sand Springs) - Discoveryland! Theater
Pryor - Crybaby Bridge
Pryor - Side Pockets Pool Hall
Pryor - Thunderbird Youth Academy
Quawpaw - Spook Light Road
Riply - Ghost Hollow
Salina - Old Salina - the Old Salina court house
Sand Springs - Highway 97 past the golf course
Sand Springs - Postok Cemetery
Schulter - Crybaby Bridge
Seminole - Elm Street
Seminole - Kowana Cemetery
Sentinel - 3 Mile Bridge
Shawnee - St. Gregory's University - Theater/Museum
Shawnee - Wall's Bargain Center
Skiatook - Witch's grave
Skiatook/Tulsa - highway 75
Spencer - Oaklawn Memorial Gardens
Sperry - the school
Stigler - Siloam Springs Cemetery
Stillwater - Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity House
Stillwater - Stillwater high school
Stillwater - Sudent Union Hotel and Conference Center
Stilwell - Beavergap
Sulphur - Veteran's Lake
Summit - Vann Home
Talihina - Kiamichi Kitchen
Tahlequah - Camp Egan
Tahlequah - Cherokee County Courthouse
Tahlequah - Cherokee Nation Complex
Tahlequeh - Gift Shop
Tahlequah - Indian graveyard
Tahlequah - Northeastern State University - Seminary Hall
Tecumseh - Central Oklahoma Juvenile Center
Tecumseh - Ghost Bridge
Thackerville - Brown Springs
Tulsa - Brady Theatre
Tulsa - Camelot Hotel
Tulsa - Cain's Ballroom
Tulsa - Old Central High School
Tulsa - E. Easton Pl.
Tulsa - Gilcrease Museum
Tulsa - Hex House
Tulsa - Memorial Cemetery
Tulsa - Mohawk park
Tulsa - Mohawk park golf course
Tulsa - Philbrook Museum
Tulsa - Sparky's Graveyard
Tulsa - Spotlight Theatre
Tulsa - Train Tracks

Tulsa - Vacant So. Tulsa office bldg
Tulsa - Residential homes
Valley Brook - Town Hall
Vinita - Cry Baby Bridge
Wagoner - True Value Hardware store
New Brunswick - Campbellton - Highway 11
Wagoner - Well House
Warner - Bennett Cemetery
Waurika - Moneka Antiques and Haunted Tea Room
Waynoka - Eastman Hotel
Wetumka - Mission Bottom
Woodward - Leos Coffeehouse
Woodward - the old Woodward Hospital
Woodward - South East of Woodward on highway270 - Richmond High School
Wyandotte - Iris Rd. spook light
Wyandotte - Hoffman Mansion
Wynnewood - The Eskridge Hotel and Museum
Yale - Satan's House

Warning: Many of these locations require permission to visit or investigate. Many of the locations listed in this blog are patrolled by the authorities. Trespassers may be prosecuted.


  1. Check out this new haunted house I heard about in Jenks, Oklahoma. http://www.the13thward.com It looks really cool.

    1. This is an awesome scary house it is put up for being open fri sat sun in October


  2. There is another cool one at a haunted slaughterhouse in sand springs. Look at it at www.hauntedslaughterhouse.com

  3. Awesome haunted place I went to last October called the Psycho Path. My friends and I swear we saw a real ghost on the road about half a mile from here. It was pretty creepy!! We told the people who work there and they said they have many reports of people feeling like its haunted and have seen or heard unexplainable things. We all got the the scare of our lives that night! We are going to go back this year and take take more of our friends. Hope we get to see our ghost friend again. The Psycho Path has a website too www.psychopathhaunt.com

  4. Hi I just moved to Vinita OK and have not heard of any goods spots to "Ghost Hunt" I heard about the cry baby bridge and it sounds kinda hooky but I would check it out if anyone would tell me which bridge it is?

    1. almost everywhere I have lived in Oklahoma has a "Cry Baby Bridge" there is one outside of Altus also.

    2. there is one on the river bend down the back roads outside of Konawa, as well.

    3. Go out past vinita high school when the road y's stay to the left the bridge is down that road

    4. There was one on the backside of the industrial park south of Pryor, but the county tore it out several years ago because there is a cemetery back there that kids were vandalizing quite often. Now you have to go through a locked gate to just get to the cemetery. Alberty Cemetery.

    5. There's a crybaby bridge in Catoosa on Keetonville Hill.

    6. There is one in Tahlequah at the Illinois river to lol

    7. I live in the dibble blanchard area and there used to be a cry baby brodge out here until they tore it down. A young lady was driving with her baby and she somehow careened off of the side and both were ejected. Baby went one way the mother went the other.both were killed the babys body was never
      found. She used to walk the bridge following the sound of her infants cries.

    8. We have a crybaby bridge with the same story down in Idabel OK

  5. Has anyone found any haunted places in Mustang, OK?

    1. yes there is a haunted place in Mustang. It is the Historical Society. We teach paranormal classes out of there. Go look us up on Facebook under OPA oklahoma paranormal society or visit my website at paranormaltimesmag.com

  6. hello! what about the http://www.scevahouse.com/ sceva house on valley view drive in durant OK. im not even from america but i heard about it online that family went missing....the telephone is said to ring in the night?

    1. Sceva house is fake. It's a set-up, a publicity stunt for a trio of Christian comedians. Everything is traced right back to them everytime.

  7. Stinchcomb widlife refuge off US66 has had some pretty wild thing happen. Its a notorious dump for body's because of the size and seclusion of it. Its also rumored to have been a place where slaves were executed. Its also notorious for satanic rituals, because of that its patrolled occasionally. I've been out there a few times and caught some strange things on camera. Its rough terrain, and easy to get lost...and every so often there's a helicopter flying over presumably searching for fires from satanists or illegal campers. Its risky to visit, and getting permission from authoritys is almost impossible, but its worth a look.

    1. I lived in the Stinchcomb homestead the first five years of my marriage (married in 1992) and never experienced anything on the reserve. I loved coming home in the evenings to 20-40 deer grazing in the fields next to the house. Mrs Stinchcomb used to have a bird bath that she would fill with corn for the deer so this was a normal path for them. My husband worked for Murphy's Top Soil, who at that time owned 40 acres in the middle of the reserve, directly on the river, that is now owned by Bethany. The only access to the 40 acres was through my drive and along the edge of the field. We had many family and friends over for summer cookouts and swims during the summer months with no abnormal activities.

      The dirt road that goes through the center of the reserve is the old County Line Road and one could drive it still when I was in high school (graduated in 1979). In fact, it was called "Lover's Lane". Never heard of any activity then either. I have only heard of one body dumped in the area during my entire time of living in OKC and that was recently.

      The reason the helicopters fly over is because the police, highway patrol and OSBI helicopters are stationed and parked at Wiley Post Airport. Also the reason it is patrolled is because it is part of the Overholster Lake area and you now have to have a fishing license and boat permit to be in the area.

      I have lived in haunted houses both before this time and after -- Stinchcomb Wildlife Reserve was not haunted then. Maybe since due to the pregnant girl that was dumped there early in 2010. But not before.

    2. If by satanic you mean cheap beer and condoms, then I'd say there are areas that are haunted. I have hiked about 15 miles square of that place thus far and haven't had anything weird happen.

  8. I would also like to add the cemetery in "Poteau, OK". I grew up there and one night we were playing in the cemetery...like most teens do looking for a scare. We got one! We saw something moving in the road. Of course, we sent someone to investigate. We got scared and took off running. Something pushed me and I fell. When I lit my zippo to look at the headstone of the grave I landed on, it had a inverted pentagram and at each point was a letter that spelled out "FATAL".

    1. That's not a satanic grave. Sheesh. It's an Eastern Star headstone and the acronym FATAL stands for a saying from the Bible.

  9. To Bruce, I live in Vinita as well and the bridge you are wanting is past the high school on Hope Road, you keep going straight, you will hit a dirt road and continue on straight again for maybe half a mile. There will be a low water bridge on your left. My friends and I have checked it out and I can say that we have heard footsteps in the water when no one was around or in it and a young woman crying or wailing... Lets just say we didn't stick around long after that.

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    69ghosts.com has so much good stuff !

  11. Hey...everyone wishing to check out haunted attractions this season should check this place out in Nowata, OK www.okasylum.com

  12. Does anybody know of a haunted place in or by Guymon Ok, or the Texas county, or even in the panhandle area please tell me, I haven't seen or heard of any paranormal activit around here, and would like to know if there is, if you know of any, please tell me I'd appreciate it, and you can post it on here cause im always on this site, thanks

  13. The ones in yellow require permission and the others don't?

  14. Lincoln County should be added to the list of haunted places. Chandler, OK has a Museum of Pioneer History. I recently had a group of people in there looking for spirits & although the data is not finished going through they have heard & found alot already. Kids laughing, growling, talking & objects being re-located. This is open to the public Wed-Sat 10-4pm. Come check it out.

    1. investigated here a year ago and got really good data. I also organize a haunted attraction during halloween in the building and we do this to raise money for the museum. Its fun having a haunted house in a haunted building, the actors sometimes get more scared than the customers.

    2. Hi! My name is Victoria,I am 28 single, No kids. I am from oklahoma city I am fashion desgner..The guy i am looking for is one that will never ever hit me or blame me everything that goes wrong in life, One that don' t drink too much and will protect me and If i need help like a ride or just carrying stuff help me.Add me up if you are interested @ victoriawilson778@gmail.com.

  15. go to my site I have links and directions to some of thees places http://okghosthunters.webs.com

  16. I think the Knox Building in Enid should be added..everyone always says the fourth floor is haunted. I've heard stories from people about the symphony hall and the theater on that floor is really creepy, you kinda get the shivers and my friend wouldn't go in it a second time...

  17. i live in okmulgee and lived in a house on 128 n taft n there was stories of a woman and her daughter being murdered and buried there. at night u can hear a little kid run up and down the stairs. when i would have my stereo turned up the speakers would fly off what i had them setting on

    1. How long ago was this murder taken place? I lived in that house in april/may of 2006...

    2. Ur comment interests me b/c of a similar experience. I spent a night at my cousin Rick's home in Cole, OK, around 1983-ish. He said the home was "allegedly" haunted by his wife's great-grandpa (I think). I blew the story off. Late that night, we (he, his wife, another cousin, & I) were sitting in the Living Room, listening to loud Rock-n-Roll, when a portrait (hung 4-5 ft. above the electric outlet) came off the wall & unplugged the stereo on its (the pic's) way to the floor. We rehung the pic (quite securely, we thought), replugged the stereo & resumed. Very soon, it happened again. Rick swore it had never happened before that night. The next day, noon-ish, I had (at the moment) forgotten the whole ordeal, was brushing my hair while looking in the mirror in 2nd BR, when I got the most eerie, creepy feeling, like someone/thing dark/evil was standing behind me, watching me, but nothing was reflected. The hair on my neck seemed to be standing on end as I ran from the room, without even glancing back. Other cousin was outside & shared a similar experience he had just had. So yes, I became a believer.

  18. My name is Joshua Thomas, I live in Oklahoma City, OK. I have never seen a Ghost but I felt the presence of one. When I one 15 years old in my dad back yard. It was just before day break I use to go out doors and practicing with my nunchucks when all of a sudden it felt like someone was watching me. I turn around and started to walk back in the house but i had to stop because it felt like I had just walked into a electric oven. Let me tell you I dropped my nunchucks and ran in the house...

  19. I just moved into my new house and I believe it is haunted!! I actually got a good vibe and have a feeling the ghost is a child or older person. A few things that took place, scared me a first but I believe the ghost just wants it to be known that it is there but very harmless!! I am trying to do research on my home but getting NOWHERE!

    1. check with your local historical society, they have a wealth of information.

  20. I would like to add, Randolph Bottom in Madill OKlahoma. you can see things, hear things, and you get an overwhelming feeling, like a bad nervous feeling. as your driving away, you look in your rearview mirror and you can see a black figure standing in the middle of the road about 7-10 meters away from your car, like its making sure you leave. My friend an I once went walking on the RR tracks in that area and we hear a girl kind of giggling, then we heard her saying help me, an then a faint scream. There is an old school down there too somewhere, and an old house. i never found either, but i know someone who has pics of the house, and ive seen pics of the school. Its surrounded by woods. Its very creepy during the day, but its so much worse at night time. Many a time ive been down there at night and barely drove like 20 feet and something kept telling me to turn around. I had a crazy gut feeling about it, so I turned around and left.

  21. Is there anywhere haunted in Collinsville Ok?

  22. tonight a few friends and I went out to Lone Grove Oklahoma, to a Cemetery called Creek-Love Cemetery, you take 70, or broadway all the way out into lone grove past newport rd, and its on the left hand side, you go down quite a ways until you find Creek-Love Rd, if you use a GPS it will be Buckskin Rd, and some other, I can't remember the other name, but you turn right, go down maybe a half mile to a mile and turn onto this eerie Rd that says Creek-Love, its a dirt road and it has a few curves you go down a ways then there is the Cemeterey Gates. my friends got out of the car but I stayed in just because I'm a big wimp like that, but they had a flashlight out there with them and the head lights of the jeep, they got spooked a couple times and came running back, but got some courage and went back out. They walked a ways into the cemetery towards some trees and found a hole or something, I'm not really sure, I couldn't see them because they were so far in; I was sitting in the car alone, windows up, doors locked and the AC turned off, I had this really creepy feeling the whole time, it was probably my imagination but I really don't know for sure, anyways, I heard this very faint whispering shh noise or a breath being let out very quietly, I heard it two or three times after that. Not long after I heard the breathing and shhing noises my friends came running back to the car, I unlocked the doors and put the car in reverse with my foot on the break they were all screaming "go go go lets get out of here" all I could do was wait until everyone was in the car, once they were the doors were locked and I drove out of there, I asked what happened and they said "I saw a guy walking back there!" and "I saw red eyes, and they moved!" I asked if they had heard any type of weird noises once we were on the main road headed back into Ardmore, they said that they heard a shushing noise, I almost cried because I hadn't told them I heard that while sitting in the car alone. its definitely something that I never want to do again, I'm still extremely creeped out and even afraid to go to sleep because of it. if you're ever in the lone grove area and youre into this kind of thing, you should definitely check it out. I know it scared the hell out of me.

  23. I believe it is all just Bigfoot sightings, he is everywhere these days. Dude with the nunchucks story is a classic.

  24. We need help, as soon as possible. I have documented apparitions, evp, emf, possible possessions. Contact us as soon as possible. Whatever this is can hurt us, physically ( almost killed my family), cannot keep on ignoring it any longer. Frantically waiting for a response.

    1. I know that there still some trouble there and I want to help , if possible Please respond!

    2. Samuel I hope by now you have received the help you need. If not please feel free to contact us. Go to OPA (oklahoma paranormal association) on face book or send me an email tanyaim2@gmail.com

  25. last night in denison tx me and a couple friends went out to this bridge thats said to be haunted supposedly if you go out there and turn everything off and walk around your car 3 times it wont start up again and you have to push it over the bridge and you will hear a car coming that never makes it to you ..... we had to check it out! and it was scary! we had driven back and forth talking eachother in and out of it so we said hands up gotta do it we stopped turned it off and every hair on our bodies stood up we all got out and walked once around and it got hard to breathe the second round we heard this very loud thud that had to've had a lot of wait behind it so we all got in the jeep we tried starting it and barely got it goin when we heard this car coming around the corner and we saw the lights so we hesitated a min and then took off towards the car that would have been heading toward us and it was gone no sign of it but the creepy part is that we didnt know until today that we would hear a car or see headlights ... the whole time on the bridge you know for a fact that your trespassing on somethings territory i will never cross that bring again thinking about it gives me chills!!!!

  26. There are two more you could add to the list... Tulsa- Movies 8 theater... just ask anyone who has worked there! We once had our janitorial staff walk out in the middle of the night, and there were several incidents in the projection booth.
    Also, in Hectorville OK (outside of Okmulgee) there is a store on the corner of 250 and Hectorville rd. The Doubler boy shot himself by accident and died in the house, supposedly sometime in the 70's, and he haunts the house- I should know, I lived in the attached home and worked in the store for a while several years ago before they switched owners. It was creepy, and, I couldn't have moved out fast enough as far as I was concerned!

    1. I live in Hectorville Oklahoma and I know the store you speak of I also remember the Dubler family.
      I looked into it and couldn't find any articles about the accident but I have heard about it. I did find the boy's name and Birth date and Death date.
      Kurt Wade Dubler Birth:10/8/1969

    2. holy moly I live right by that store

  27. Looking for a good group to go investigation with in the Edmond area any ideas?

    1. jerry we offer a free basic paranormal investigations class where we teach people how to use various equipment and how to conduct an investigation. It is followed by an onsite investigation as well. you can check out our group on MEETUP.COM/OPA (oklahoma paranormal association) we are located in Mustang OK and we do events through out Ok, MO, and AR. One of our most popular places that people like to go to as an event is on the OU campus in Norman

  28. Does anybody know where the Screaming Woman Woods are in Gracemont?

    There's another Cry Baby Bridge in Ninnekah. I've been by there in the day but haven't mustered up the courage to go see it at night.

  29. Sapulpa, OK is a very old and haunted town. I was visiting a family in an old house in 1991 (not sure of the street, but it was an old neighborhood west of Main street.) Inside the house there was a VERY STRONG feeling of being watched everywhere I went. There was no doubt about it. Your mind and your body can sense this without your conscious help! So I decided I'd wait outside the rest of the time I was there. Outside, I got the feeling of being watched AGAIN from a window. I peeked inside but no one was in there. And this was in the daytime! I told the owner, there's something weird about your house. He said, "Yeah I know - it's haunted." Sapulpa has an old oil boom town history and I'd like to learn more about it.

    1. i live in kiefer wihich is just south of sapulpa and it got big when kiefer did and this whole area is creepy i have seen several weird unexplained things here but from what it sounds u was close to the cemetary there i felt people watching me in the woods in the trailer park just north of it

    2. I have visited kiefer and it seems to me that it is a town filled with stoners with nothing better to do than go into the woods and hallucinate. Does this sound like you Big Mike?

  30. Did anyone live at the house in sand springs/prattville(407 w. antigua ct.) or know someone who lived at (105 w. 54th pl) both in sand springs/prattville?? pretty crazy shit going on.im having PSI Tulsa come investigate next weekend & they arent charging me bcuz they really believe there are more than one Spirit here. u wouldnt believe the things going on!!! ive tried downloading apps like EVP's & EMF's but nothing wants to work except for the Ghost Box i bought off Play Store.... cant make out the voices. its a man & mostly woman talking!

  31. so i live in the town of kiefer and nothing here ive seen all kinds of unexplained things i would love to join anone who dose an investigation in this area i bet u could find interesting things in an old oil town that burnt down in 1912

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Mike, you are so right. That area (Sapulpa and Keifter) is creepy. Has some unexplained energies hanging around. I live in Washington state now and only visit the Tulsa area 2-3 times a year. But I always go to historical sites and haunted sites.

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  35. I will be moving to Eufaula in 2mnths and I dont see anything listed there. Does anyone know if there is? My gf sees ghosts on a regular everday thing so it wont be hard to find a place but just wanted a heads up.

    1. Our group PPI Paranormal have been called out to the Eufaula twice, and at one location I was pushed from behind, and got several EVP's. One was a child saying mommy, and the other was a dog barking. It was only three woman at the time, and no dog was heard until we listened to the tape. Rumor's of buildings being under the water where a man refused to let his family leave before they flooded the buildings, being inpatient they did it with the family still in their home. I can't believe anything until I have some kind of proof to back up the story. As for the haunting of the child, he has not been heard from since we try to help him find his way.

  36. I grew up on a small farm outside of Tipton. We had a lady that haunted us. You could hear the screen door open, the wooden door open. They would both close and you would hear her footsteps come through the kitchen into the dinning room. Sounded like she was shuffling papers. But everytime you go up to go see what was going on there was no-one there. She was not harmful in anyway. Rumor was a lady had borrowed money and died before giving to her husband. Many family members talk about hearing her over the years we lived there.

    When I was older we moved into town and a newer house. But I remember being there alone and all the lights dimmed and the tv started flipping channels like crazy. I thought it was my brothers playing a joke but no-one else was there when I searched the house.

    There are several spots around Tipton that you could feel something there and were creepy. The old POW camp there was a creepy area.

  37. Anything on the 13 bridges at Boiling Springs State Park?

  38. I lived at a house in Tulsa (31st and Garnett) and we my wife and I bought the house I started having some weird stuff happening. Nothing mind blowing but creepy. We knew that and old woman passed away in the home about 6 months before we moved in. Almost 4 months after moving in my wife passed away in her sleep in an upstairs bedroom. Since the night she died everone that came into the house would hear walking or running up and down the stairs or the upstairs hallway. We would hear coughing and gasping for air.

    1. I remember Jennifer Duke! We started Clary Sage College around the same time. I remember she had a daughter named Hannah, as do I. I'm very sorry for your loss, Jennifer was a very kind lady. I do not know you but I did know your wife briefly..I hope you and your family are well. Small world:)

  39. I lived in a home in Tulsa OK that my entire family came to realize was 'haunted'...if that's the right word. There was something very bad there, in any case, and we had to move because of it. None of us can remember the address and I've been wanting to look that place up for the longest time.

    1. Contact the utilities company to help you obtain that address.

  40. I have investigated the Choctaw library claims and debunked them as pure urban myth. See http://paradirectory.blogspot.com/2012/05/haunted-places-which-arent-choctaw.html I requested Shadowlands to remove the entry several times due to my investigations of it and the sounds of voices at the school.

  41. At the risk of sounding crazy, I believe that I had a paranormal experience growing up in Welling OK. There was only one or two things that spooked me in the house we lived in. Two or three times when I just crawled into bed and was relaxing I felt as though a cat was walking on the covers. It was as though my body felt paws, like cat paws, starting at my feet and slowly making there way up my body to my chest. I was frozen with fear the three times it happened. The second type of paranormal event happened in the same home. I was just waking from a nap when I saw an apparition of a girl between 5 and 7 in the doorway of my bedroom. She appeared to have on a yellow and white plaid dress with a little white smock and white tights with black shoes. I couldn't distinguish her facial features very well as she seemed a bit blurry, but she looked at me and asked had I seen her brother, I pinched myself to see if I was truly awake and saw what I saw. I have never had another experience like it and have often wondered if it really happened.

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  43. I worked at central oklahoma juvenile center from ‘12-’13. While there I encountered residents and coworkers who’d seen things. One night on Lyda I saw fresh wet foot prints coming out of a shower that had been locked for hours. That was the thing I "saw". On days I’d hear drawers under the beds slide when no one was there. At first I thought a resident had snuck back, but quickly realized no one was there. One evening I went to Lodiska to supervise on 1:1 precautions since it was empty and they wanted her by herself. Lodiska had been empty awhile. We heard noises from a front dorm and bathroom from 7-9 or so and I said it was just pipes or settling. I was relieved by a coworker and returned to my unit. I was scheduled to work overtime til 3. At 12 I had to relieve someone til 3. The girl was asleep. I had a radio. Since we were in the dorm, no cameras were in there. I had no watch and had to call control on radio for the time. Around 2:45 I finished my paperwork to wait to trade out. A few minutes later I heard someone in the day area walk towards the dorm door. I stared at the door and waited and saw no one through the glass window. They kept walking. I assumed it was security doing rounds. Later I called for time again. It was 3:17, I was irritated. A moment later, I heard footsteps coming to the door. I got up and prepared to trade out. No one appeared. At this point the footsteps continued. I then realized that I hadn't heard the front door open at all either time for entrance or exit. Around 3:45 my coworker arrived saying she’d "lost track of time". I was angry and told her about what I had experienced. It turned out she was terrified of the "ghosts at cojc". Served her right. When I got to control to leave I asked why they didn't have the officer at Lodiska check on me and he said, "what officer? we are short handed. our officers are tied up at crisis and doing s&s checks and chemicals" I told him I heard footsteps. He ran back footage for Lodiska for the times I heard the noises. Nothing. I worked on Lodiska months later after it was remodeled. One night my coworker told me control had said she should keep an eye on me because as I did walkthroughs some figure went behind me and when he reviewed the footage again he saw nothing. The creepiest thing for me at COJC was a sensation I experienced one night. I walked to ross hall to make copies across the volleyball court in front of Lodiska and felt someone watching. I walked faster. I wrote myself out and left. The whole way home I felt something in my backseat. This continued the whole drive to norman. I ended up calling my bf at the time for comfort and when I got home I said aloud, "whatever is in my car is not welcome in my home". I then ran in and the sensation left. I did experience hearing something on Nightengale one evening while alone. I had coworkers with enough stories to make a book. The reason you never see "proof" for COJC is because it’s a secured facility and electronic devices are not allowed. Violation could cost you your job so no one is able to take pictures. COJC has a long history and was girlstown back in the day. Many girls had babies there and some babies didn’t make it. Many think they might be the spirits.

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  45. You have share really nice list of haunted places. We are definitely going there..

    Regards Peter

  46. The Grisso Mansion in Seminole has strange occurrences, as well! Disembodied voices, lights coming on by themselves, and sightings of a young Native American boy have all been experienced by staff and visitors. Activity seems to pick up in fall and winter and is most active in the basement. We have Ghost Tours the last 3 Thursdays in October if you want to experience it yourself! Email grissomansion@sno-nsn.gov for more info.

  47. Add the old southwester hospital in lawton ok i felt something there i seen shadows in one widow even got pictures of a figure in it the curtains moved its an abdoned place wish we go in but its full of asbestos

    1. There is no asbestos in there in 2008 they had a crew go in and take it all out but on the 2nd floor where me and my son entered it we didnt stay long we bot had a feeling like we needed to get out something didnt want us there very creepy but now my husband also wants to go he may be doing that on his own lol I am not going back 3rd floor is suppose to be the most haunted part of it all as well as the lower level where the mourge is located

    2. There is no asbestos in there in 2008 they had a crew go in and take it all out but on the 2nd floor where me and my son entered it we didnt stay long we bot had a feeling like we needed to get out something didnt want us there very creepy but now my husband also wants to go he may be doing that on his own lol I am not going back 3rd floor is suppose to be the most haunted part of it all as well as the lower level where the mourge is located

  48. It might be worth adding the Parallel Forest in the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge near Medicine Park, OK. It is a man-made forest, but it can be quite scary. I don't know if it is just because of all of the stories that cause me to be hyper-aware of any and all noise, or if there really is something there, but it is worth a look if you are ever in the area.

  49. Does anyone know of anywhere possibly ghostly around Wellston, Chandler, Luther, Fallis, Oklahoma? Mostly inside Lincoln county?

  50. Does anyone really experience going a haunted house. Many videos shows but how about here.

  51. I guess on one knows about the lost cemeterys in avant ok

  52. Could you tell me about this and where I live near avant. Would like to take my daughter there and check it out

    1. I don't know where they are but I wouldn't go looking whatever my dad found needs to stay lost forever

  53. Some 25 years ago I took a night class in Seminary Hall in Tahlequah. The presences were almost visible, but not quite. I asked if it was haunted and was told no. Now, it's on the list. How about that?

  54. The Salina Courthouse is actually The Saline Courthouse and it's located Southeast of Rose, Oklahoma. There is also a cemetery located on the property, where they would bury the people when they were hung from the Hanging Tree that use to be in the middle of the road, not too far South of the courthouse. A really cool place to visit!!

    1. Judge Thomas, also known as The Hanging Judge was the judge that ruled there.

  55. What about The Belvedere Mansion in Claremore, Okla.? I was told you can hear an old piano playing and also singing and dancing.

  56. Please remove the Noble listing on E. Walnut. We have been living here for 2 1/2 years and have never been haunted. We bought the 3 acres at the East end of Walnut because of the Peacefulness. We blessed the land and dedicated it to the Lord Jesus Christ and have dominion. Thank you.

  57. Charles Page High School in Sand Springs has a legend about a Mr Green who was allegedly killed during construction of the theater. He is said to haunt the auditorium where he fell from the catwalk to his death. I was told by my drama teacher that while locking up one night he realized that he had left something in the locked, darkened theater. When opening up the door to the auditorium to retrieve it, he found all of the green lights on stage shining brightly, Many students had eerie experiences the year I was there. Most probably due to the power of suggestion. But I would love to hear stories other students might have had.

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. I must say, I'm surprised there's not more listed in Guthrie. Guthrie is supposed to be one the most haunted cities in Oklahoma. I'm also surprised there's nothing listed in Norman. The university of Oklahoma is reportedly one of the most haunted universities. I personally have taken a ghost tour there and must say there have been peculiar occurrences and even possible demonic possession. Perhaps look up the book "campus ghosts of norman, ok".

    1. Guthrie is very haunted I live in Guthrie and you strange sounds just about anywhere you go I heard that the old hospital and the sheriffs department is haunted as well

    2. Lol.. My hubby taught for Guthrie public schools. A lot of late nights alone. Nothing scary.

  60. What's the story behind keys elementary being hunted? My kids went there and I have friends who teach and their kids attend the school to this day!

  61. The old hospital in Guthrie OK is haunted as well if you want to add that to the list

  62. The Old Salina Courthouse you are talking about is actually the Old Saline Courthouse in or close to Rose Oklahoma. Many many stories about that place.

  63. Quapaw spook lights are no longer allowing anyone to park out there. People took advantage and drank out there and bothered the peoe who live there.

    Miami, OK- The place where the gallows used to stand on the Ottawa Court House are known to be haunted. The place where the inmates are held have seen a lot of activity as of the 2000's.

    Miami, OK- I had my own valid experience at Integris Baptist Regional Hospital while being in patient. And No I was not medicated! A nurse and I both had the same experience at the same time.

    One local woman/ patient recently asked the nurse who was scheduled to take care of her this question. " Who was the nurse that came in wearing a white nurses uniform and checked my IV last night?" The nurse stepped back and looked at her and said we all wear scrubs and I was your nurse all night! The woman was happy that someone was looking out for her. Curious thing is...it was the same room I had my personal experience.

    1. Actually, yes, you can still got Spooklighting on either E 50 or E 40 (original SL road). I've lived there since '75, and the light is not limited to E 50. I've seen it on the family property by the barbed wire fence. Unfortunately, it's not patroled much at all. But yes, we as property owners do protect from trespassers.

    2. Actually, yes, you can still got Spooklighting on either E 50 or E 40 (original SL road). I've lived there since '75, and the light is not limited to E 50. I've seen it on the family property by the barbed wire fence. Unfortunately, it's not patroled much at all. But yes, we as property owners do protect from trespassers.

    3. Actually, yes, you can still got Spooklighting on either E 50 or E 40 (original SL road). I've lived there since '75, and the light is not limited to E 50. I've seen it on the family property by the barbed wire fence. Unfortunately, it's not patroled much at all. But yes, we as property owners do protect from trespassers.

  64. They say the Cherokee Art Center in Tahlequah is haunted as well :)

  65. No miami? How about the "mansion" in the woods next to river view

    1. Which mansion? There are a few all around, and some no longer. I have property by Spooklight road and know the whole area well. Born in Miami in '75. The college has a few tales, but most of the stories are from Picher mines, Devils Promenade, Devils Holler (Hoffman Mansion property), and Spooklight road.

  66. Anything in or near Chelsea OK or Foyil?

  67. Weatherford, ok- dead woman's crossing

  68. Hospitals in Woodward oklahoma are both haunted. I've had my own experiences.
    Fort supply is as well. Had an experience there add well.

  69. They tore down the Camelot Hotel, there is a Quik-Trip there now. Would it still be considered haunted? Just asking out of curiosity

  70. What about deer woman bridge ? I can't recall where but it is somewhere around Ponca City ! Legend is there was a swinging bridge ,and it was about a woman half deer , that hated men . Don't remember the entire story but in the day time me and a couple of friends went there . It was kind of creepy!

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  80. Lawton Ok now has the Zozo house that actually premiered on syfys show paranormal witness august 31 of this year , which has a great scary story behind it

  81. Lawton Ok now has the Zozo house that actually premiered on syfys show paranormal witness august 31 of this year , which has a great scary story behind it

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